🔥Buyback & Burn Mechanics

Buyback and Burn mechanics breakdown


To incentivize users to buy $USA and make sure there's a constant demand for the token, we've implemented both buyback and burn mechanics:

  • Buyback Mechanics: 65% of the overall revenue generated by DEDPRZ is used to buy back $USA tokens and redistribute the same to our DEDPRZ NFT + $USA stakers as an IP Licensing fee.

Read more about revenue-sharing mechanics for DEDPRZ NFTs here.

  • Burn Mechanics: As for the burn mechanics, 10% of net profits [monthly] from DEDPRZ will be used to back and burn $USA.

Net profits can be calculated by subtracting expenses from revenue.

For instance, if DEDPRZ generates $1,000,000 in revenue and, after deducting expenses, is left with $100,000, the buyback and burn mechanics for $USA will amount to $10,000.

Disclaimer: Buyback and burn will start after we reach a $1 million bankroll, [without $USA]

Example: Doing buybacks of $100K-5M

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