🪙$USA Token

The backbone of the DEDPRZ ecosystem


The $USA token is the primary currency in the DEDPRZ ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 50 million, offering various utilities within the DEDPRZ Ecosystem

Utilities of $USA Token:

  • If you use $USA to deposit the first time at DEDPRZ Casino you get a 200% deposit bonus.

  • Wagering with $USA on DEDPRZ Casino earns you 10 times higher rakeback rewards.

  • Used to stake alongside the DEDPRZ NFTs to be a part of the staking mechanics.

  • The $USA tokens will be used to distribute royalties to the NFT stakers as rewards every month.

  • $USA-only staking to earn a portion of the profits generated by the DEDPRZ Casino. [More details to be announced]

  • The in-house native token of the DEDPRZ Casino.

  • Implementation of burn and buyback mechanics to further incentivize users to buy and stake $USA Tokens, leading to a decrease in supply and steady/increased demand.

  • More utilities and use cases for the $USA token will be introduced and shared further down the road.

Holders need to stake at least 2,500 USA + 1 DEDPRZ NFT to stake. Stakers will earn IP Licensing Royalties generated by the Casino PS: The amount will increase in the future

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