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Seed Bond NFTs: The Inaugural NFTs for Early DEDPRZ Supporters


Seed Bond NFTs were the first-ever NFTs that were issued to the earliest supporters of the DEDPRZ project. As the name suggests, we issued them to raise our Seed Capital. They are positioned at the top of our value chain and are primarily utility-driven.

The 5% revenue sharing is not part of the 60% reserved for the DEDPRZ NFTs, but a separate allocation, giving a total revenue sharing of 65% among the 2 collectives combined.

Collection Details

The collection size: 25 NFTs

Raise per Seed NFT: $4500

Successfully Raise [Total Collection]: $112,500

Total Royalties Distributed to Holders*: 5%

Royalties per NFT: 0.2%

*from the profits generated by DEDPRZ Casino

Seed Bond NFTs were airdropped to their respective owners on July 26th, 2023.

The Seed Bond NFT holders will be required to stake 25,000 $USA along with their Seed Bond NFT to get a part of the royalty share. More details will be released at a later date.

You can trade Seed Bond NFTs on Rarible.


Are the NFTs tradable?
Will there ever be more Seed Bond NFTs released?

No, we will never issue any more Seed Bond NFTs.

Will Seed Bond holders be required to stake $USA to receive royalties?

Yes, the Seed Bond NFT Holders will be required to stake 25,000 $USA to receive royalties.

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