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The DEDPRZ NFT collection consists of 1,776 NFTs, each featuring George Washington. Every NFT in this collection is randomly generated and involves +140 different hand-drawn traits. This ensures that each NFT is unique and enhances the historical significance of this figure.

Additionally, all holders will have commercial IP rights for each NFT they hold.

DEDPRZ NFTs take center stage in our ecosystem, with the majority of the yield going to the holders of this collection.

Collection Details [MINTED]

Collection Size: 1,776 NFTs

Mint Price: Free Mint

Mint Date: 30th November 2023

Chain: ETH

Total Royalties Distributed to Holders*: 60%

Royalties per NFT: 0.0337%

*from the profits generated by DEDPRZ Casino

You can now trade the DEDPRZ NFTs at Rarible and Magic Eden.

The majority of the DED tokens were airdropped to the investors who took part in our Seed, Private, Strategic, and Public rounds for the sale of $USA.

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