🏦"All In" Staking Pool

Information about the 'All In' pool. Stake $USA, Earn $ETH

PLEASE NOTE: The All In staking pool has been paused for the foreseeable future. We are working on getting a better alternative to it soon!

This is a single-asset $USA staking pool that will run every month. The stakers in this pool were being rewarded with $ETH for staking $USA. The $ETH rewards were a percentage of the trading fees generated by $USA trading.

The first one started on 22nd December and ran till 22nd January. It gave over $50,000 in $ETH as rewards to the stakers.

It is to be noted that the community cannot withdraw $USA under any circumstances during the staking period.

Note: To get access to the 'All In' staking pool, you need to have a minimum of 1776 $USA. The deadline for this requirement will be announced every time before the opening of the staking pool.

All In Staking Pool will resume after we have migrated to Base.

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